We have recently created the geocaching team Chazown trekerz!! I am Sampson028, and I am the leader of our fearless team.

John Eldridge has a theme that follows many of his books: that our God is a passionate God, that we are called to a life of passion, adventure and excitement. Myself and my other team members are fairly new to geocaching, but here we hope to tell some of the exciting, hilarious, and hopefully sometimes moving stories we embark on as we seek to capture these moments of adventure.

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GC12BCF - My first Geocache

This is sampson028. As the leader of our fantastic team I will most likely be doing most of the posts, and most on our team were introduced to geo-caching by myself. For that reason I would like to take some time. I first was introduced to geocaching while vacationing on the west coast. My father-in-law had some travel bugs sitting around and I tend to be a pretty curious person, so I inquired as to what they were. He explained that the code on them relates to a site, where I can track it as geocachers pick it up, and trade it for other trackables, and it moves across the world. At this point I had to ask "what's a geocache?"

His explanation didn't excite me to much. It sounded like that guy everyone thought was crazy from that movie "National Treasure."

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Rootin Tootin

The Beginning of Ben4377.

A friend from church has gotten me into fishing. You would think that growing up in Nova Scotia I would be a pro fisherman.... but I never went seriously fishing before in my life. When I was a kid I went to a camp with my family where I would throw a string with a piece of hot dog on the end into the water, but I never caught anything, and that's the closest I ever came. However these past few weeks I have gone fishing a couple times with my friend. So myself, bigbangboy, and ben4377 (before he was ben4377) had planned out a nice relaxing day of fishing, and we were excited. The only problem, our ride bailed on us at literally the last second. I wasn't too upset because stuff happens. I've had to bail on people before. However now we were left standing at Tim Horton's at 6:30 am, geared up for fishing, but nothing to do.

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GC1Y3K6 - GCMY31 - Inspired

This is it. The caches that got me hooked. Shortly after finding "Reflections" we piled into the van and off we went to find two more caches. Still skeptical at the start of this journey, but this time I got to use the GPS. I don't know what it is about technology, but put it in the hands of most men, and anything is fun. "Oakey Pokey" was what we were searching for, and I had a blast watching the GPS as it told us we were getting close, how far off track we were. Even the speed we were walking and how long it would take us to reach our destination. I have had experience with GPS before, but it was minimal, and someone else mostly did all the work, so it was fun to get out there and actually be the one looking at the GPS.

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